Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Tis the Season to Bury Yourself in a Book

After being at school for the majority of a semester, I am beyond ready to go home for Thanksgiving. A little family time? Sounds good. Some bickering between my mom and me over how to properly make mashed potatoes? That still sounds better than papers.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes family can become a bit much... Especially when you are stuck with all of your relatives in one house for days on end. What is a good way to avoid the family drama without starting any family drama? No need to lock yourself in a room. Just pick up a book!

The members of my extended family tend to get a little... out of hand. So when we spend Thanksgiving at my grandparents', my sister and I tend to find a corner and pull out books. The best way to avoid the relatives who want to know when we're going to get married to some nice young man (or woman) and the cousins who want to play the "anything you can do I can do better" game is by having a book already open.

Being in college, it is even easier to use a book to dodge awkward small talk. "Oh, this book is for a class" is an awfully convenient excuse. Then, when there is a relative you do not want to dive behind a couch to avoid, you can just put the book down. If it is a book you enjoy, you might find out one of your cousins likes it too!

Just remember to put the book down when the dinner hits the table. In my immediate family, most of our dinners are spent with everyone reading with one hand while eating with the other. When it comes to holiday dinners, dinners with guests, and dinners with extended family- it is entirely different. Ever try texting in class? Try sneaking a peek at a book with your mother watching you like a hawk. Harder yet, try getting away with it when you are sitting next to that competitive cousin.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy reading!


  1. Hah your extended family sounds a lot like mine especially the annoying cousins and relatives with crazy questions!

  2. Books ARE really great for getting away from it all. I've never really used them for getting out of social situations though - might be something to try when my brother-in-law's family comes to visit!