Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Perfect Drink for Reading

I find it odd how rarely cold drinks are associated with books. I don't think I've ever heard someone talk about curling up with a book and a nice glass of lemonade. It's always tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. What is it about hot drinks that put people in the reading mood?

I'm of the tea persuasion myself, but I've been known to enjoy a Coke while reading before. It's probably more often I set a glass of water beside me while I read than a cup of tea. But when I'm having a rough week or a busy day, it's the thought of enjoying a cup of Darjeeling or Earl Grey while I turn the pages in my latest book that motivates me.

Is it the warmth people, including myself, find comforting? Is it the convenient handle located on the side, making it easier for us to sip our drink while keeping our eyes on the page?

Maybe it's the lack of condensation on the side of the glass. When the drink isn't cold, our fingers don't pick up moisture from the sides, and we don't end up wrinkling the pages.

I'm not quite sure why exactly, but I do know that, as much as I like Coke, I will always crave a hot cup of tea with my mystery or young adult novel when I get home from a day of drama and headaches.

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