Monday, January 9, 2012

Leisure Reading Lockdown

The semester is starting up again this week, and I find the thing I will miss the most (after sleep) is being able to read any book just for fun.

As any college student knows, leisure reading becomes a thing of the past when classes start for a multitude of reasons. I am an English major, so I usually have about 150 pages to read a night... And sometimes, that is just for one class! Then there are classes with homework, part-time jobs, greek life, and other organizations that students are a part of that take up their time. Reading the latest Sarah Dessen or John Green book, sadly, does not really become a priority during this time.

I am really hoping this changes once I enter the Real Adult World of Being a Responsible Adult. People have assured me it does, but sometimes you lose a little hope when midterms and essays loom on the horizon.

My older sister was also an English major (which is a little funny because our parents are both engineers), and she used to read manga during the semester as a way to unwind. She found them to be really quick reads, and she used to reward herself for completing papers early by going to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few of them.  I think this is a great idea, but I prefer to read them online to avoid city traffic. Not even a cup of tea and an Agatha Christie novel will calm me down from the mess of it.

While I may not have time to choose my own readings this semester, I am looking forward to my literature classes. I am taking a class with my favorite professor on contemporary fiction, and I am pretty sure I have not read most of the books for the class yet. I am pretty excited about it, but I know I will miss reading less heavy things while I am knee deep in The Painted Drum.

Do any of you have any tricks to get in some leisure reading when your schedule is hectic? I would love to hear them!


  1. I always carry around a book in my bag. Every time I have to wait for something, I whip the book out and start reading. Best way to utilize whatever time you have. :-)

  2. Well, three things, for me personally:

    - I always carry my Kindle, in case I ever find a free second or two.

    - I have a blog dedicated to reading and making fun of kids books from the 90's. Reading those books is super easy, but it allows me to take a step back from more "serious" things.

    -I can occasionally get away with reading at work.

    I read a ton. I'm currently reading John Green's newest, The Fault in Our Stars. :)