Friday, February 3, 2012

Casual Friday: I've Got a Pretty Hot Date for Date Night

A lot of people consider tonight "date night," and, boy, do I have a date.

With my honors thesis.

I have put off doing any further revisions on my honors thesis because, at this point, I just want to burn it. My honors thesis is on one of my favorite topics (fairies!), but I have been working on it for so long that I just do not know how much longer I can take with it.

I spent more time with my honors thesis than I did with any of my friends last semester.

Of course, I will probably never be bored with writing about fairies. I love fairies. I have always loved fairies, ever since my mom told me that the little purple flowers growing on the green ivy in the woods around our house were really tiny trumpets fairies used to call each other from far away.

 I had a very unusual childhood. I grew up in Indiana (which, if you have ever been there, consists mostly of corn) in a house whose driveway was almost completely obscured from the main road by the woods surrounding it. The house was pretty simple; it was a ranch style house with a basement. But the property? It was magical. Our house sat in the middle of a clearing spotted with blackberry bushes and surrounded by trees. There was a pond in the woods about twenty feet behind into the trees from behind our house. We had around 16 acres, and my older sister and I explored every inch of those acres. We even had the remnants of an old apple orchard at the very edge of the woods.

Growing up in this place, it was really easy to believe in fairies, fairy tales, and happy endings. It got harder to believe the more time I spent away from the woods at a desk in school. By the time we moved away, I had forgotten a lot of the things I used to spend my afternoons imagining; evil fairies hiding in the thorn bushes, and the place where the water from the pond receded in the beginning of the summer, leaving behind large beds of soft moss, where I was convinced the good fairies must meet at night.

I still have a strange fascination with fairies, especially fairies in the most traditional sense. The majority of my honors thesis is dedicated to the darker conceptualizations of fairies: the changelings, the wicked fairy queen, and the Ballad of Tam Lin. 

I am really looking forward to returning to that world of fairies and magic tonight when I go through my honors thesis again before returning back to reality. Who wants to go to the movies when they have mischief and intrigue at the tips of their fingers? 

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