Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ten Great Movies to Watch While Drinking Tea

1. The Importance of Being Earnest
 True to English form, many of the scenes in this movie include copious amounts of tea (and cucumber sandwich) consumption. Gwendolyn and Cecily's comedic tea of errors is by far my favorite part of the movie. All of the tea scenes look fantastic. I would pretty much eat all of the food in those scenes. Be prepared though! You might start craving cucumber sandwiches. I know I usually do.

2. Alice in Wonderland (the Disney cartoon)
 It's pretty obvious why this movie is a great movie for tea time. The Mad Hatter alone is reason enough for it. Personally, I prefer the cartoon version. Call it childhood charm, but the live action film just didn't measure up to the original cartoon. The books are the best of all three though.

3. The Thin Man series
 I positively pine for the boxed set of these movies. If they're not fixing a stiff drink, someone is putting the tea on to boil. Nick and Nora are the best on-screen couple I've ever had the pleasure of watching. They just don't make detective movies like these anymore. It really is a pity. Between Nora's shenanigans and Nick's know-how, these movies will offer an air of class and a splash of comedy perfect with any tea (though I'd really recommend a black tea with these movies).

4. 101 Dalmatians (also the cartoon version)
 This movie is absolutely adorable. I would like to be as classy as Anita, as dapper as Roger, and as full of gumption as Nanny. Drink a sip of tea every time Roger takes a puff of his pipe. It's fun trying to keep up! I prefer the cartoon for multiple reasons. For one, the animals talk in this one, and the Sergeant and the Colonel are amazing. You're really missing out at any age if you don't see these two in action. The second (and biggest reason) I prefer the cartoon over the live action version is that the 1996 version demonizes the businesswoman. That's fine that Anita wants a family, but to have the one woman who has chosen her career as the villain against the dainty protagonist who wants nothing more than to catch a husband and have babies really steams me up. Also, it makes a lot more sense that an old school chum would drop by your house than your employer who suddenly wants to know everything about you. That's just creepy.

5. The King's Speech
 Okay, I'm going out on a limb here. I've never actually seen the movie. Everyone insists that I should see it, but I just haven't gotten around to it. My mom and my sister, however, say it is definitely a great movie to watch while drinking tea. They've both seen it, so I trust them. I have heard nothing but good things about the movie, and I figure Colin Firth is a good enough reason to include it on this list. It's easier to hide the fact that you're swooning over him when you're holding a cup of tea anyways. 

6. Sophie's Revenge
 You may not know this movie because it's a foreign film. This is a Chinese movie about a scorned woman who convinces her rival's ex-lover to join her in a plan to win back their exes. The amount of times Sophie catches a cold in this film alone will have you running to the teapot. It's a really cute movie, and you can find it on Netflix's Play Instantly. Actually, I'm going to text that suggestion to my sister right now because I know she will love it. Sophie herself is a comic artist; and, since the perspective stays mostly with her, you get to see a few of her flashbacks, fantasies, and little cartoons that dance around in her head. 

7. The Jane Austen Book Club
 Not only does this movie center around reading and discussing books by Jane Austen, they also solve a lot of problems with tea. Because tea helps a lot of things. Especially broken arms. 

8. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, etc.
 Really, any movie based off of a Jane Austen novel would go well with a cup of tea. The books match, the movies match, everything about Jane Austen goes well with tea. There's even a Jane Austen tea blend. I got my batch of it in Bath at Sally Lunn's, but you can find it online in several places. Bingley's tea has an entire series dedicated to Jane Austen and her characters. I can't wait to try Marianne's Wild Abandon

9. The Aristocats
 Dapper kittens? Check. Devious butler? Check. Classy broad? Check. This movie is great for tea time, especially with the smaller ladies and gentlemen. 

10. Love Actually 
 A friend of mine, Jessica, pointed out to me how often the characters in this movie turn to tea. It's one of my favorite movies, and I can't believe I forgot! Probably because there's so much going on in that movie. This is a great movie for cold weather, and tea is great for everything (but especially cold weather). 

*These movies are not in any particular order.
** Also, you might want to think of trying Amelie, a French movie with Audrey Tautou. I think of coffee more when I watch that movie, but it's a great quirky movie if you want to enjoy one of the bolder teas.


  1. Stumbled across your blog through 20sb. :) I absolutely love The King's Speech, The Aristocats, and 101 Dalmations! I really need to read/watch the Jane Austen movies/books...don't ask me why, but I never have!

  2. Thank you! They're great books and movies, but I know how it is when you have a bunch of books on your "must read" list. I still haven't gotten around to The Hunger Games series.

  3. This is an amazing list. Mostly, it makes me really want to start drinking tea. I wonder if the Internet will show me where to start.