Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dealing with the Aftermath of Math and Other Scholarly Pursuits

I've been a very absentee blogger these past two months, but I'm back and ready to stay for a long while! After graduation, I had to deal with some family things, so life got a little bit hectic.

I've mostly been spending my time helping my mom get her house market-perfect. I have packed so many boxes of books that it is a little insane. I thought rejacketing books back in my publishing internship days was bad... I actually have bruises on my arms from carrying the boxes (okay, so that was probably from sliding into the wall while carrying a box). Remind me to stop wearing socks when I go down hardwood stairs.

I have had a lot of tea. A. Lot. That has probably been the best part, considering my mom is heading full steam into Stressville and my long-term boyfriend is still in Atlanta without me (along with the vast majority of my friends). Add in my complete lack of real life friends outside of my family and my mom's friends in this town, and you've got a pretty depressing summer. Tea mostly helps with keeping my inner demons at bay. Adagio is pretty much my new favorite website because of this.

It's not much of an excuse for being a neglectful writer, but there you go. I'll be back with more tea tales and reviews! Also, I'm looking forward to getting back into leisure reading, so expect some books reviews.

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