Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20sb Blog Swap 2012 with Adorkable Me!

Hey friends & readers of The Dapper Lass! I’m Erini from Adorkable Me. Jacque and I are participating in 20SB’s blog swap, and the theme this time is childhood summer vacations. So while I’m here, you can find Jacque’s post on my blog!
Most of my summer vacations we spent at home, running around the neighborhood with the one or two other kids my age or attempting to join in with my older brother and his friends (mostly unsuccessfully). A lot of it was really spent indoors with my toy horses and stuffed animals, or to my mom’s not-so-fondness, with paints and craft supplies that were left strewn across the living room. Any real “vacation” was typically because it was a band trip to some amusement park.
However, I do have one memory of a childhood vacation that wasn’t related to marching band. It’s actually such an old memory that it’s really just a glimmer. A polaroid left behind a sea of awkward childhood moments.
I don’t know how old I was, but we can assume I was 5 or younger because this is a family vacation with both my dad and mom. My parents divorced while around when I was in or started kindergarten--my mom and I actually both can’t quite remember the exact year. The only other factor in this slight strand of a memory that hints at how young I was because our family station wagon is involved. I only know we switched to “the brown car” when I was in kindergarten because that’s the year we got Kitty and she got stuck under the seat of the brown car when we invited her on her only trip to see me off to school.
So, it was a younger than 5-year old me, with my older brother, who would have been younger than seven, and my mom and dad, who were still married. They had taken us to a theme park in Ohio--probably King’s Island. I don’t have any memories of us at the park that trip, they’re all crowded out by memories of different trips to a number of amusement parks.
What I do remember, the only bit of this memory that’s left, is being in the parking lot. The park is closed, most of the parking lot is empty, I think. My brother and I are in the back of the station wagon. The seats are all folded down, and there are two sleeping bags or maybe just blankets laid out. We were camping out in the back of the wagon, and we think this is the coolest thing ever. Our parents are proud of themselves.
I don’t know if we were camping out after a long day at the park, or if our parents had just driven us there so we’d wake up in the park and be surprised. I feel like it’s the latter, but again, I really don’t know. I just remember this great sense of joy, a joy based in being a family.
This was probably our last trip as a family.
It’s kind of strange, not having full memories of my childhood. Just scenes--a fragmented childhood jumbled together and filtered through lenses. Small pieces are missing, or changed, or maybe the whole thing was just confabulated. Regardless, there was something magical about that night, sleeping in the back of our old station wagon.

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