Thursday, July 26, 2012

Break-Ups: Sophie's Revenge and Winning

I'm watching Sophie's Revenge for the third time this year because I recommended it to a friend last night (she liked it!). Sophie's Revenge is a Chinese-Korean movie about a comic artist who concocts a crazy scheme to get revenge on her ex-fiance and the famous actress he left her for with the help of her two polar-opposite best friends and the actress's photographer ex-boyfriend.

It's a fantastic break-up movie. If Joseph leaves me, I'm just going to watch this on repeat until I feel better. This, and the first Bridget Jones movie.

But even if you are with someone, you can appreciate the sentiment. Most of us have been dumped at some point in time, and I think the desire for revenge is a very human one. After all, how many of us have dressed especially nice when we know we're going to run into an ex? I think, to some degree, we all want to be the one to "win the break-up" in the end.

This past weekend, I went out with a college friend who was visiting, and as soon as we got our drinks, I noticed a guy who looked suspiciously like one of my ex-boyfriends. He was sitting with another guy who looked a lot like one of my ex-boyfriends' friends. My first reaction (after the brief, heart-stopping, oh-god-no feeling) was to turn to my friend and ask her how I looked. I then spent the rest of the evening doing my best not to look over there to be sure whether or not it was him. And I flirted a little with the bartender. I may never know if it actually was him, but I was certainly going to make sure I looked great anyways.

Though I've never gone quite so far as Sophie does (dating your ex's new significant other's ex is too much for me), I do understand wanting to show both of them up in the end. And Sophie is amazingly creative in doing this.

I do remember one break-up in particular where I went a little Sophie's Revenge (okay, maybe more than a little). It was terrible. There are some break-ups that you will just never win. Especially when the other person isn't interested in competing. On the bright side, I did come out of that phase, and I became really good friends with someone else involved in the whole process.  I also have one ex who I swear only talks to me so he can see if he's winning the break-up.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone really ever wins at a break-up at all. Two people who were really close now acting like they barely know each other (much less like one another)? It seems a bit sad.

Unless, of course, someone cheated on you and then left you for the other person, but then they got bored; meanwhile, you're looking fabulous, having an awesome time just getting to know yourself, and having tons of fun being single. Then you've definitely won the break-up.

Have any stories to share? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. My last ex dropped out of college and sent me an epic 12-part text message blaming me for it so yeah, I'd definitely say I won that one! haha

    I want to watch this movie....

  2. Wow. Yeah, you won that break-up, haha.