Monday, July 2, 2012

Marry Me Monday: Adagio Tea

This marks the beginning of a new trend on my blog called "Marry Me Monday." Each Monday (at least, each Monday that I can) I will be posting about something that I really love. It might be a product, a person, a book, or anything. Today, it is a website. A wonderful website of dreams, happiness, and tea. This website is called Adagio (just saying it makes me swoon a little).

In case you haven't heard, Adagio is getting to be pretty well known for its create-your-own-blend feature. A lot of people have used it to create "fandom teas." Fandom teas are based off of tv shows, books, characters... Sometimes even actors. I've seen a lot of Harry Potter themed teas. Not all of the blends are fandom teas, though. You can create a blend and name it whatever you want. You could even put chai tea, blueberry herbal tea, and pomegranate green tea together using whatever ratio you like. I wouldn't exactly recommend that blend... But you could do it. And you could name it after your best friend, your pet, or that ex you hate from high school (if it's a truly terrible blend, I guess).

That's what is so amazing about Adagio. You have so many choices.

Of course, there are already made blends. You can search through them using keywords or just go to the "recently added" and "most popular" pages. The most popular page, however, is usually dominated by one Cara McGee who makes a lot of really excellent blends and does her own label artwork. I have heard rumors that the Tardis blend is the best. I really want to try it.

The custom blends aren't the only teas you can get there. You can purchase all different kinds of tea from their site, some of which aren't even available in the blends. Like their dragon pearl tea. It's a black tea, and it is amazing. I swear that stuff gets me more energized than coffee. The aftertaste is just so good, and the taste is so smooth. A lot of black teas have a smokey aftertaste, but I don't think this one does. As odd as it sounds, it is the most tea-tasting tea that I have ever had.

They also have a bunch of tea gizmos and gadgets. Honestly, I could just go on and on about how amazing this website is. They even have a rewards system that gives you coupons for buying teas and making blends that others buy! I am completely infatuated with this website. I hope that infatuation never fades.

And that is why I want the Adagio website to marry me this Monday.

My fickle heart will be back next Monday with another one of my loves!


  1. I'm intrigued by the dragon pearl tea. I'm not a tea drinker, but I've said a lot of times that I'd like to start trying. It can be overwhelming though with all the choices!

    But a tea tasting tea that gives energy? Yes.


  2. It's a great place to start. If you drink coffee, I'd recommend starting with an English Breakfast tea to ease in!

  3. I'm not big into tea, but you're making it sound so tasty. I'll have to check into this site.