Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missing Oglethorpe: The Library

Last night, I had a dream about being trapped in the Oglethorpe library. I'm willing to bet it's because I spent so much time in there my last two years when I was working on my honors thesis. I'm pretty sure I could make my way around the library with my eyes closed.

I spent so much time in there that other libraries are a little discombobulating for me now. There's so many people, and some of them are on their cellphones. I find it really surprising. If you so much as drop a notebook in the Oglethorpe library, everyone looks at you. But everyone in the library here just goes on about their business like someone having a conversation about her ex-husband in the middle of the Young Adult section is an everyday occurrence. Of course, I've overheard worse. My friend Cassie and I once had our lunch conversation interrupted by someone saying "I'm just stripping! It's not like I'm a hooker!" to someone on the phone while we sat in Panera. She also loudly questioned whether or not Cassie and I were on a date. We were on a friend date, so she was close.

I miss a lot of things about Oglethorpe, but I think I miss the people and the library the most (okay, and the close proximity to Panera). The Oglethorpe library is incredible. Sometimes I would just look around instead of writing (which, okay, might be more indicative of my procrastinating tendencies than of the beauty of the Oglethorpe library). I didn't really have to worry about being interrupted. Occasionally, one of my classmates or students would come up to me to ask a question, but it didn't happen often.

So I guess being trapped in the Oglethorpe library was more of a nice dream than a nightmare. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've become completely distracted from writing this by a kitten on the internet.


  1. Oh, the hilarity of filterless people in public places. And the annoyance. Nice post: I like your language.

  2. Thank you! They are super irritating. Fortunately, it hasn't happened in the library when I've been there since then.