Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Addition

This Saturday, my mom and I went on an impromptu trip to Nashville to pick up a small Yorkshire terrier who was up for adoption. We thought it was fitting that it was just the two of us because my mom and I were the ones who picked up a little yorkie we named Sir Christopher Lee almost seventeen years ago. Christopher passed away back in May, and it's been very different without him. Our Australian Shepherd, Dingo, became very nervous, and my cat, Frisky, lost a good deal of weight. So we decided to get another yorkie, not to replace Christopher, but to make our family a little fuller.

When we got to the Petco where we were meeting with the foster family for the little guy, we saw him right away. He was the only yorkie in with the dogs up for adoption, and he was one of the only calm ones there. He came running right up to Mom, and he promptly fell asleep when she picked him up. That was all it took for her to start filling out the adoption papers.

Though he spent most of the time in Petco (the two hours we were there) asleep, he perked right up for some treats. So I got the first picture of our new doggy. He's a little scraggly after a bout with fleas (they think he's allergic to them), but still very cute.

His name in foster care was Peter, but we were told he wasn't too attached to it. They were right. He didn't even perk up his ears when he heard it. Our two hour drive back was spent trying to name him. And it wasn't easy. We went through a lot of names. Confucius, Cicero, Shang, Sariel, Charmain, Rumi, and a bunch more that I don't even remember. The first night, we thought he'd stick with Sariel because he would come to me when I called using that name. That only lasted one night. The next day, he completely ignored us when we said it.

We're all kind of Scooby Doo fans in this family, so as a joke, my sister suggested Scooby, but we thought he was way too small for that name. I said we should call him Scrappy Doo instead. Now, this dog is pretty quiet. Very timid, so far. But when he heard "Scrappy," he perked right up and ran over.

So meet Scrappy, the newest addition to my family.

Thank goodness he's still sticking to Scrappy because we were running out of ideas.


  1. Ah! He's adorable. I'm sure he'll fit right in in no time :)
    I couldn't comment back through email, but my dog Chloe is a yorkie-poo, just a little big ;)

  2. That's adorable! Those dogs are very loyal, from what I hear. We think Scrappy might be a mix too. Maybe Yorkie and Dotson.

  3. Aw, he's adorable! Animals definitely react to their social situations so I hope your new addition helps perk up your other animals<3 And I love the name Scrappy, Scooby Doo is still my favorite cartoon :)

  4. That's an adorable story! I know pets feel the emptiness when other pets pass as well; I'm sorry about your loss. P: Scrappy is an adorable name, though! :)