Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paper Snowflakes

I really don't know what it is about July that makes me wish Christmas was already here, but it happens every year. I find myself staying inside more (so it's easier to pretend that it's cold outside) and cutting up printer paper into snowflakes.
Seriously, I've made ten of these already.
I've even started watching Christmas movies on Netflix. Quite frankly, I am really disappointed in their selection. White Christmas is on there, and I love that movie, but most of the movies are specials like Santa Baby and Snow. I love Christmas specials... But, for some reason, I can only pretend the terrible ABC Family originals are good when it's actually around Christmas time. I wish they had more of the claymation movies like Rudolph or The Year Without a Santa Claus. Of course, I may actually own Rudolph on DVD, so Netflix not having it doesn't really make a difference. I'm really hoping they get more things when it gets closer to December. There are only so many times that I can watch The Hogfather each month. Without people judging me. And without me memorizing the lines (though most of the lines are fantastic).

I'm thinking about making some hot chocolate as well, but I think we only have sugar free. Also, hot chocolate in July while watching Christmas movies and making paper snowflakes might be taking it a bit far. After all, what will there be left to do when it's finally fall (and more socially acceptable to start singing Christmas carols)?

At least I have my Pinterest to keep me in the holiday spirit. Maybe I can find some DIY holiday projects that are a little more sophisticated than my paper snowflakes...


  1. Christmas is my most favoritest holiday EVAR so I fully support paper snowflakes in July.
    I may or may not have a snowman quilt on my bed currently..
    I also have taken to saying "Winter is coming" at every possible opportunity now that we are halfway through the summer.

  2. That sounds like an awesome quilt! My dad and I text "Winter is coming" back and forth whenever the temperature drops a couple of degrees.