Friday, July 6, 2012

Staging Isn't Just for Theater

Most of what I'm doing this summer (while looking for a job) is helping my mom get the house ready to sell. A lot of my time goes into packing... Mostly books. But soon we get to start with the staging! That's the fun part! So I hear.

We just had someone in to clean the carpets, so we're rearranging those rooms as we put stuff back. The majority of the house has hardwood flooring, but the rec room and the upstairs bedrooms have carpeting. So that means we're staging my room, my sister's room, the craft room/guest bedroom, and the rec room. The rec room is pretty much done because my mom rearranges it every year as it is (why, I will never know).

My room is also mostly staged because my mom and sister played around with it while I was gone. It was a little weird at first since they moved everything, including my bed, and painted some of my furniture, but I'm getting used to it. It wouldn't be the first time Mom has completely redone my bedroom when I was gone. I left for college; and, when I came back for my first break, what used to be burgundy was now pale blue and gold. Everything. She even painted my candles. I'm not kidding. Not that I'm complaining. It's really nice to have my room revamped every once in a while, and I didn't even have to do anything for that one.

Tensions are starting to run a little high though because we're all working on different rooms, and only one of us (my mom) has the artistic vision. For example, she put a really big potted plant in my room and told me to find a spot for it. I don't like plants. I can't even keep a cactus alive. I am the worst person to put in charge of plants. When I go out into the garden to weed, I am injured within ten minutes. Once, a bird dive-bombed me. Usually, I get bit by some sort of bug, which got really concerning after we found some black widow spiders. They're all dead now, and we're pretty good with the home defense sprays, but everyone has pretty much agreed that I do not have a green thumb. So when Mom asked me to find a place for this plant, my first reaction was to put it in the corner, far away from me. But that doesn't fit into her plans. Also, I guess it's kind of silly to have a plant in a room if you're just going to hide from it. Now Mom has to run from the craft room to my room, and then into my sister's room, just to make sure we're all on track.

It's getting a little crazy, but I think we're all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The downstairs is almost ready to go, and the upstairs is looking pretty good.

I am ready to scream if I have to pack another box of books though. I love books a lot, but I've packed so many boxes of them that I lost count. We could probably open a used bookstore with the number of books we all have. But that would require us giving up some books. We're book hoarders. Someday I will die from hundreds of papercuts underneath a fallen stack of books. It will at least be a creative death.

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  1. I am not a plant person, either. So funny! Good luck with your house staging - and job hunting!