Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting Back into Shape: Day Three

I wonder what it says about me that I just started my fitness routine, and I've already skipped a day. But don't worry. My Wii already judged me. As soon as I logged in, the little fitness machine popped up. "Too busy to exercise yesterday, Jacque?"
Yes, you judgmental piece of programming. I had very important plans that involved a lot of sleeping. And Cheez-Its. You know what? I don't need your sass today. My legs were sore.

Okay, so it was excuse after excuse. To a fitness machine that lives in a game! I'm a little bit ashamed of myself. And that little machine really did not let up.

At the beginning of my workout using Wii Fitness (and I do feel a little silly using a video game to stay in shape), I did a little "body test" to see where I am. I've made progress towards my goal! But my fitness age (thanks to that faulty memory test... I was not squatting when it said I was! I was in the process of standing up again!) has gone from Wednesday's 20 to today's 34 years old. Okay, so I didn't do that well on the agility test either. My Wii actually said "agility sure isn't your strong suit!" to me. Well, I never. It also said that having a fitness age of 34 for me meant my "body is much weaker than it should be." Words hurt, little Wii workout machine.

I tried to find a picture of the little machine, but I couldn't.
Here's one of the poses I did today!
After a 40 minute workout, my fitness age went down to 25! Which was pretty exciting. I choose to believe my terrible score earlier was because I was still a bit stiff from Wednesday. I'm still making progress towards my goal of reaching a BMI score of 22. I have a month in which to do it, and the sassy fitness machine says I'm on the right track. But if my experience so far indicates anything about what I have to look forward to using the Wii Fitness, I can expect the machine to rip that rug out from under me.

They lure you in with niceness, but keep you coming back with guilt and shame.


  1. Hi Jaqcue, nice to see your blog. I visited through BBN. You have got a wonderful space and lovely illustrations etc.

    Getting into shape is my big dream.

    Following you. Hope to see you stop by at my blog, say hi and follow. Love

  2. I need to get back into fitness using my Wii. I like the yoga, but I don't like the guy telling me I have no balance!