Monday, August 13, 2012

Marry Me Monday: Sushi

If there is one thing (other than my lovely friends and supportive boyfriend) I miss from Atlanta, it is the sushi. I love sushi. It is incredible. I love California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, katsu salmon rolls, crispy calamari rolls, avocado rolls, asparagus maki... I could go on. And these are only the ones I've tried! Well, most of the ones that I've tried. I seem to recall a teriyaki something at one point. And a Hawaiian one?

Anyways, if I was forced to eat one type of food for an entire year, I think I would choose sushi. The problem is that I've gotten a little picky about my sushi. I like rolls with avocado, but it has to be just right. I hate it when sushi has hard avocado! Or when certain ingredients overwhelm others. My favorite place for sushi just happens to be in Atlanta, though I hear they have locations in Tennessee as well. Unfortunately, I haven't found a place I really like here.

My old "usual" at Ru San's.
Every time I visit Atlanta, the first place I eat at is Ru San's. It was the first place I ever had sushi, and that has probably biased me because I do know some people don't think it's good at all. But I love it. I like it even more now that I've branched out from my standard two orders of California maki and a katsu salmon roll. I discovered I like calamari, I don't like raw tuna all that much, and cream cheese does not always do well as the sole filling of a sushi roll. Always good to know. I really look forward to trying new things when I go. I also love their miso soup and their green tea!

At the Ru San's in Midtown, the owner will come to your table when it's your birthday and sing you a song. He even gives you an orange with a little man cut into the peel! It's actually anatomically correct. I kid you not. He uses a carrot. I could not stop laughing the first time I went there for my birthday. That's another reason why I love Ru San's; the people there are usually great.

Now, I'm starting to get into trying to make my own sushi since I can't find a place I really like here. I even have a bamboo rolling mat and paddle. I also have a rice cooker, but I've lent that to my boyfriend for right now (thinking about getting it back soon). I haven't had a chance to try it yet because I wasn't sure which rolls I wanted to try first. I'm sure I'll be trying it soon enough while I'm away from Atlanta.

I have some green tea that would go really well with it!

And, speaking of tea, the winner of The Dapper Lass Tea Giveaway will be announced later today! Remember, there will also be a giveaway coming up in October. Be on the lookout!


  1. Okay, so I've never tried sushi (but I want to!). But I was at a party where a friend was hand-making it (it looked so good...I wish I hadn't already had a big lunch!), and it didn't look too difficult. Especially since you have the supplies. The great thing, is you can definitely make them like you want!

  2. Sushi and Chinese food are the 2 things that when I go some where new I'm afraid to explore. I mean raw fish and asian food are just things that could very easily reak havoc on my insides.. and that's never a good day.

    The best sushi I've ever had was in Virginia Beach. A place called Yama. OMGGGGGGG... The Pink Dragon is an eel based roll and it's soooo delicious. In fact, it was the first place I got foods when I came back to America the first time. I missed it that much.

    Eel rolls usually are made with bbq eel (so its cooked), avocado, and cucumbers. Mmmmm.

    Now I feel like sushi for lunch!

  3. Ohhh I love sushi SO much. I just ate some yesterday from the grocery store actually... and it was not bad at all! Still prefer the local restaurants, though. My boyfriend and I have been talking about making our own sushi for months now, but we've yet to do it. We need to follow through on this! I can never get enough wasabi.

  4. There are some excellent sushi places in New Orleans and some of them even ~deliver~. Even our school food court sushi isn't too bad.

    It's hard to get good sushi in Raleigh though. You're making me miss it!

  5. Ronnica, that sounds like a really fun party! And I didn't try sushi until I went to college, haha.

    Teh Megan- I do not blame you. Getting food poisoning from fish at a new place is terrible. It happened to me the first time I went to England. And that roll sounds so good!

    Cassie- my boyfriend can't get enough wasabi either. I just end up giving all of mine to him, haha. I love the spicy sauce they serve with some rolls though!

    Saffiremoon21- Sushi delivered to you?! Now I want to move to New Orleans! I've heard of mythical college food courts that have sushi. Alas, Oglethorpe only had fried chicken. And alligator soup.

  6. 1) I think it's funny that so many people I've met think sushi is a Western thing, when almost all the comments are from Southerns haha.

    2) Good luck! I'm not the biggest fan of sushi but I'm slowly coming around. The Fresh Market have some that look pretty good, everything I've tried from there has been good.

  7. Thank you! It took me a bit to get used to sushi as well. I think I just had california rolls the first few times I went to Ru San's because I was hesitant to try anything else.

  8. I love sushi and this makes me super hungry... and it's not even 11am :-P

  9. I have started getting into eating sushi more, I love it!
    I also started making it, I did a blog post on it a couple months back but apart from how time consuming it was, I though that it was pretty easy and fun to do :D
    You should definitely try it :D

  10. I'll definitely check out your blog post on it before I get started. :]