Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sick Days and Little Women

The reason (or at least part of the reason) why I've been absent this week is because I was in Atlanta for most of it. This Thursday was a good friend's 21st birthday, and I am really glad I was able to be there. She's fantastic. Seeing everyone again was fantastic. It made me really miss living in a big city, especially with the ease of access to great sushi.

Of course, too much play can lead to some consequences. The consequences this time are that I am now sick. Stuffy nose, sore throat, and coughing occasionally kind of sick. My solution to this is to drink a ridiculous amount of tea. All of the tea!

I said that aloud, and then I started coughing. To be sick can be a sad thing.

When I was little, I would read Little Women every time I was sick because my parents had a rule that we couldn't watch television or get on the computer if we stayed home from school. It was my favorite book growing up, and my copy of it is HUGE and really worn. I don't know how many times total that I've actually read it, but it was over a dozen at the last known count. I would drag my comforter and pillows off of my bed, into the living room, and I would curl up against the couch to read while completely swamped in blankets. I would have crackers, water, and tea just far enough away that I wouldn't knock anything over, but where I could still reach.

I don't think I've ever gotten tired of that book. Unfortunately, it was one of the first books that we packed, so I can't get it out to read it now. I think I might brew another cup of tea and try to see if I can find a Christmas movie to watch.

Did you have anything special to do when you were sick as a kid?


  1. Oh, man, I LOVE Little Women! I read that book so many times!

    Usually now when I'm sick I have to go to class so I sit around and feel sorry for myself haha.

    And yes, drink lots of tea.

    Hope you feel better!!

  2. Thank you! I used to carry a huge travel cup of tea with me to class whenever I was sick, haha.

  3. I *kinda* like the idea of no TV/computer if you're home from school. Certainly discourages you from faking, but I never have a brain for reading when I stay home.

    But as far as Little Women goes, I love it! For the past few years I've listened to the audiobook a few times.