Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dapper Lass Tea Giveaway Winner!

I am so ridiculously excited to be announcing the winner right now. I am so glad you all entered! Don't forget, if you didn't win (or even if you did), there will be another giveaway coming up sometime in October.

I went about selecting the winner by putting every entry into an Excel page. Each entry had a number. For example, if you had multiple entries (by following and tweeting, for example, which would give you two), you would have multiple numbers. I first went off of the comments on the original post. Then I checked comments on tea-related posts (which also gave you one entry), and finally I double-checked twitter to make sure I didn't leave off anyone who had tweeted, but who may have forgotten to post a comment about their tweet. Everything is in that order. 

When that was done, I went to my handy dandy Google page, and I searched for a random number generator. I used this one. Mostly because it was the first option on Google. I made the minimum number equal 2 because that's when the entries started, and the maximum number was 17.

You can see it above. It may be too small to see in the first picture, so I blew it up in the second. The winning entry is number 7 which makes the winner Saffiremoon21! Congratulations!

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