Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flying to Atlanta

I baked a batch of cranberry and chocolate chip cookies last night, and they turned out really well. I'm planning on posting my recipe soon, but tonight I'm mostly preoccupied with getting ready to fly out tomorrow to join my boyfriend for his birthday this weekend.

I'm really excited because I get five days with my friends in Atlanta, and then Joseph and I are driving to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I keep bouncing between excitement and nervousness. I always feel like I'm going to forget something important or be late and miss my flight whenever I fly somewhere. I made a list, and I keep checking it.

I haven't seen Joseph in two months, so I've been really looking forward to visiting. I'm glad I get to be there for his 21st birthday. It's a pretty big milestone for him!

And I cannot wait for all of the great Thanksgiving food!

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