Monday, December 10, 2012

Steve Rogers Tea

Now, I did try this on Friday for the first time, so this isn't a review of my first impression. I ended up whisked off to a hockey game before I could write the post. I'm glad I did wait, though, because it gave me a chance to pick up some milk, and this tea is really good with milk.

I'm a Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, fan. The tea itself is a blend of Spiced Apple Chai tea, Almond tea (a flavored Ceylon), and Assam Melody tea. They're all black teas, so you won't want to steep this for more than three minutes the first time for the best flavor.

I was pretty excited to try this tea. Opening the bag for the first time was a disappointment though. The smell of the tea is awful. It's sickeningly sweet. I was hesitant to add any sweeteners to the tea after that. Without anything added, it is a sweet tea. It tastes a bit like apple pie. I added a little honey, and that didn't make it too sweet, but I wouldn't want to drink a lot of it with something sugary added to it. That would be too sweet. Adding honey made it taste even more like apple pie, which is good, but not something I want to drink often.

When I had it today, I also added honey because I was adding milk, and I wanted to see how that would taste. It is good; it tastes a lot like apple pie with vanilla ice cream. While I enjoyed it, I would not want to drink a lot of it.

I'm giving this tea 3.5, maybe 4, out of 5 stars. The smell of the dry tea leaves put me off a bit, and it's just too sweet for my tastes normally. It's great if you're into really sweet teas. I don't think it would work well as an iced tea partially because of the chai. I do think it would be a good tea to bake with though.

This is the last of my adagio teas from my recent order. Overall, I'm very satisfied with it.


  1. Oh my goodness... I want the Tardis tea!! I have to check these out.

  2. I've never been a fan of tea unless it's disgustingly sweet! I'll have to look into this kind.

  3. I loveeeee your Betsy B mug! Where did you find it ? =D

    1. Thank you! I got it at the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta.