Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meet Teacup

I adopted Teacup from Texas Humane Heroes about a month ago. She looks like a German Shepherd puppy, but she's actually an adult mutt. She's pretty adorable.

She's also a little destructive when we leave her alone. She shredded my leather jacket, tore through a bag of potting soil, tore a hole in the carpet, and ate my paper Tardis. A bit of a challenge, but we've worked it out. Rescues can take a lot of work, so I was prepared for something like this (maybe not quite to that extent though). 

I take her to the dog park every Saturday, like today, where she plays with the smaller dogs (she only weighs 25 lbs.) before going into a larger area where they have a pond. It took her a while, but she loves playing in the water. She gets a bit nervous when the other dogs starting running around her, but she's getting better with it. She loves the other dogs (when they're not chasing her). I think she misses having another dog around. 

To curb her destructive behavior since I can't play much with her during the day, considering I have to work, I got a Kong toy for her. I read great reviews about it on influenster. I picked it up in a pet store on a whim the other day when I ran out to pick up some groceries. You can stick special Kong biscuits in there for them or fill it with peanut butter. You can freeze things to put in there. The sales clerk who helped me said that dogs love it when you layer treats in there like peanut butter and small biscuits.

It isn't exactly a challenging toy, but it does keep your dog occupied. Teacup loves it! And you can wash it on the top rack of your dishwasher which is a bit of a relief considering how gross it gets. 

There were a few puzzle toys at the store where your dog has to tilt it at the right angle to get out the treat, and you can adjust the difficulty level for your dog. I think I might get one of those for Teacup. Right now, though, her favorite toy is a little yellow bumblebee pillow with a squeaker inside. She acts a bit scandalized whenever it actually squeaks, but she goes nuts when you throw it.

What about your dogs? Do they have any favorite toys I should try for Teacup? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. My greyhound's favorite toy is his hedgehog. It has a grunter inside instead of a squeaker, which makes me giggle. You can get them off Amazon for 1/2 the price of pet store prices.

    Even after he killed the squeaker its got crinkly stuff inside so he still likes playing with it.

    1. That sounds adorable! Teacup (thankfully) hasn't tried to kill any of the squeakers yet in her toys.

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